Company Registration and Maintenance

Foreign investors are allowed to have company establishment in Turkey in the same process as that for local investors under the Turkish Business Law and Foreign Direct Investment Law. To define the type of a company to be established, it is necessary to make evaluation on benefit/cost analysis in which department and for whatever purpose. When defining the company type suiting the expected purpose, define an appropriate representative as well as managers binding the company ownership, capital and company.

Provide company establishment, accounting and financial consulting services and legal consulting services.


Registration conditions:

1. To define a company name;

2. To have min. 2 shareholders, one of whom is a citizen;

3. To have min. 2 managers, one of whom must be Turkey national or Turkey residence permit holder;

4. Min. 10000 lire of registered capital for LLC and min. 50000 lire of registered capital for joint stock company;

5. To have a local registration address

6. To employ a local accountant